Welcome to the 2016 season! We'll see you on the court!

It's Basketball Season!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 season of LP Rec hoops!

We have SEVEN teams this season, so each playing date (Wednesday or Saturday) one team will have a bye. The list of teams is on the left, and the standings will be updated on the right throughout the season.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to reach out to me at acolaizzi@gmail.com.

Thank you, and I'll see you on the court!

- Adam Colaizzi

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Playoff schedule:

Saturday, March 5 ROUND 1
10AM - Flamingos (2 seed) vs. Johnson (7 seed) - FLAMINGOS WIN
11AM - M Saez (3 seed) vs. Dempsey (6 seed) - M SAEZ WINS
12PM - J Saez (4 seed) vs, Byrne (5 seed) - BYRNE WINS

Wednesday, March 9 SEMI FINALS
630PM - Foreman (1 seed) vs. Byrne - FOREMAN WINS
730PM - Flamingos vs. M Saez - M SAEZ WINS

**Semi-finals at PAL**

Friday, March 11
630PM - consolation game:  Flamingos vs. Byrne

Following the consolation game, ALL teams will be recognized with player medals

740PM - championship Foreman vs. M Saez

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Playoff seeding / tie-breakers prior to games of 2/23

Team Foreman...12.......0 - clinch 1st (and bye in round 1)
Flamingos..............7.......4 - clinch 2nd
Team Byrne..........5........6
Team M Saez........5.......6
Team J Saez..........5.......6
Team Dempsey.....4.......7
Team Johnson......1......10 - clinch 7th

Tie breakers may be needed to determine 3rd and/or 6th place

Tie breakers:

Head to Head (used if only two teams tied):
Byrne over J Saez
Dempsey over M Saez

coin flips:
M Saez/J Saez
M Saez/Byrne
Dempsey/J Saez

3 way tie (Byrne, M Saez, J Saez)
-- Byrne takes highest seed with best head to head record (Byrne 3 wins, M Saez 2, J Saez 1)

3 way tie (Dempsey, M Saez, J Saez)
-- Dempsey takes highest seed with best HTH record (Dempsey 3, J Saez 2, M Saez 1)

3 way tie (Byrne, Dempsey, M Saez)
-- Dempsey takes highest seed with best HTH record (Dempsey 3, Byrne 2, M Saez 1)

4 way tie ( Byrne, J Saez, M Saez, Dempsey)
-- Byrne/Dempsey flip for #3 seed (4 wins each HTH)
-- J Saez/M Saez flip for #5 seed (2 wins each HTH)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Wed @ LPMS Sat @ PAL
6-Jan 6:00PM 2 3 1 | 9-Jan 12:00PM 1 2 7
7:00PM 45 | 1:00PM 3 4
8:00PM 6 7 | 2:00PM 5 6
13-Jan 6:00PM 5 7 2 | 16-Jan 12:00PM 1 5 3
7:00PM 4 6 | 1:00PM 2 6
8:00PM 1 3 | 2:00PM 4 7
20-Jan 6:00PM 3 6 4 | 23-Jan 10:00AM 1 6 5
7:00PM 2 5 | PPD 11:00AM 2 4
8:00PM 1 7 | 12:00PM 3 7
27-Jan 6:00PM 3 5 6 | 30-Jan 2:00PM 1 6 5
7:00PM 2 7 | makeup 3:00PM 2 4
8:00PM 1 4 | 4:00PM 3 7
3-Feb 6:00PM 4 5 1 | 6-Feb 12:00PM 1 7 4
7:00PM 2 3 | 1:00PM 2 5
8:00PM 6 7 | 2:00PM 3 6
10-Feb 6:00PM 3 4 7 | 13-Feb 11:00AM
1 4 6
7:00PM 5 6 | 12:00PM 2 7
8:00PM 1 2 | 1:00PM 3 5
17-Feb 6:00PM 2 6 3 | 20-Feb 2:00PM 1 6 5
7:00PM 4 7 | 3:00PM 2 4
8:00PM 1 5 | 4:00PM 3 7
24-Feb 6:00PM 4 6 2 | 27-Feb 12:00PM
6th gr
7:00PM 5 7 | "grade 1:00PM 7th gr
8:00PM 1 3 | week" 2:00PM 8th gr
2-Mar 6:00PM | 5-Mar 2:00PM 2nd 7th
OPEN 7:00PM | Playoffs 3:00PM 3rd 6th
8:00PM | 4:00PM 4th 5th
9-Mar 6:00PM semi 1 | 11-Mar 6:30PM consolation
Semis 7:00PM semi 2 | Finals 7:40PM championship

RULES FOR 6-8 REC – 2016 season

1. Each player must play a minimum of half the game - no exceptions!! Remember, everyone makes the playoffs. If you are losing big then give some of the weaker players more time than 50% to get better as the season progress.

2. “"Borrowing” players – if necessary a team can borrow someone in the rec program (agreed upon by the coaches) to field a full team of five on the court. Borrowed players should not be subs (you borrow the fifth man, not the sixth man). If the fifth player arrives, the borrowed player should be removed at the next substitution. **Note that the game is NOT a forfeit if a team borrows a fifth player; the result will count in the standings.

3. 20 minutes halves (running clock); last 2 minutes is regulation (stops on whistle).

4. Five (5) fouls per player. Coaches each will receive a book and must keep track of these. Seventh team foul is one-n-one bonus and ten is double bonus per half.

5. If a player gets a “T” by the ref during the game - NO EXCEPTIONS - one game suspension. That would be the next game and not a game of your choice. Coaches receiving a “T” also get a one-game suspension; same rules apply.

6. Foul shots:

· Shooter must stay and land behind the line. If over it’s a violation.

· Foul shots are on the release for the players in the lane. The foul shooter and the rest of the players behind the arc MUST wait till it hits the rim. If they don’t, it’s an immediate violation. The shooter gets another shot if against the opposing team, or the ball goes to the defense if the violation in on offense.

7. Defense

· Man or zone is fine; if up by more than 20 points leading team must stay inside 3 point arc. In the spirit of sportsmanship, if your team is trending that way (up 15, then 17, etc.) don’t wait to 20 to pull back; move them back sooner.

· Press—1st half—up by more than 15-cannot press. Press allowed last 2 minutes only.

· Press—2nd half—up by 15— cannot press. Last 2 minutes only.

8. Timeouts: two full timeouts per half.

9. Players may not wear any jewelry, earrings, necklaces, etc. Basketball-style wristbands, headbands and shooting sleeves are OK. All players must wear sneakers and have a uniform shirt with a number. No duplicate numbers.

10. Overtime is 2 minutes-1 extra timeout for each team. Teams can press full court. Fouls are still in effect. Clock will stop after every whistle.

11. The teams playing the 8PM games are responsible for ensuring the LPMS gym is cleaned up, bleachers pushed in, etc. If everyone does their part, this should not be an issue.

12. A reminder that ONLY Rutgers certified volunteers can coach; if you are coaching alone and can not make a game please see if there is a certified parent who can help, or let me know.

2015-2016 Rosters

Colaizzi Alexander Colaizzi Dempsey John Dempsey
den Hollander Jonathan Colaizzi Ricci CJ Dempsey
Kassar Joe Colaizzi Delagarza Nick Dempsey
DeLorenzo Abby Colaizzi Hathaway Jonathan Dempsey
Knichel Gary Colaizzi Belancic Matej Dempsey
Caputo Jack Colaizzi Dasilva Jayden Dempsey
Nagle Kyle Colaizzi Ferati Arlind Dempsey
Mulhearn Thomas Colaizzi Ferati Valdrin Dempsey
Fidati Geoffrey Foreman Brendli Christian J Saez
Gilmore Max Foreman Conlee Trey J Saez
Kiefer Patrick Foreman Pagorek Patryk J Saez
Balcius Ignas Foreman Ulinski John J Saez
Osias Ben Foreman Christenson Sam J Saez
Foreman Matt Foreman Romano Albie J Saez
Portas Danny Foreman Healy Christopher J Saez
Wallace Matt Foreman Gupta Zach J Saez
Dory Bryce Byrne Gega Ardit M Saez
Mustafa Bryan Byrne Brogan Alexander M Saez
Hanna Daniel Byrne Desai Abhay M Saez
Hanna David Byrne Desai Parth M Saez
Feury David Byrne Hartle Alexander M Saez
Byrne Kevin Byrne Mustafa Dylan M Saez
Pazowski Michael Byrne Rittinger Deandre M Saez
Simnor Aaron Byrne Hughes Kyle M Saez
Simnor Ben Byrne Varma Vikaas M Saez
Symons Nick Johnson
Giordano Mike Johnson
Jimenez Joshua Johnson
Marcelino Johan Johnson
Sulejmani Taner Johnson
Schlacter Brian Johnson
Volante Nicholas Johnson
Johnson Kyle Johnson